I didn't expect this to actually work, but as half-jokingly mentioned in the previous post , here's a Minecraft server running on a machine from around 25 years ago. Pretty much worked out of the box with icedtea assembled by the build VM and a 512MiB swapfile (of which only around 50MiB was actually used).

nortti in the overworld on the syys
Minecraft server
nortti in the overworld on the syys Minecraft server

The game was surprisingly playable, and we made it all the way to finding diamonds.

nortti in the Minecraft on syys
looking at a diamond deposit in the ceiling
We found diamonds!

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I spent the last few days building a cursed Gentoo system with my partner. We named it "syys", after "syyskuu" - the Finnish word for September.

This post was written, committed, and pushed on that system, using only software that was built on it natively. For some heavier parts that were not involved in the making of this post (links, fish, both of which need cmake, which would take hours to build) we set up a portage binary host on a VM that is nearly identical to the actual Pentium II system.

The next logical step, of course, is to try and get Minecraft running on it...