I recently became frightfully aware of how much time I spend in less(1).

It's never been a utility I gave much conscious thought and I realized that it is one of those programs that go largely ignored and underappreciated just for their ubiquity and unobtrusiveness. For most people piping something to less(1) has most likely become second nature. In the same way it is surely unthinkable for some to read log files and manuals in anything other than less(1), or use any other pager for the Git suite.

If you've not given less(1) a closer look, I invite you to read its manual. There's lots of neat features you might have missed, like filtering lines with &, toggling any command-line option on the fly with -, following input as it appears with F, or opening the current file in an editor with v.

A feature I discovered only recently is the "wrap-around search modifier". Introduced in late 2020 (past version 565), this modifier obsoletes the common dance of g and n to redo the current search on the whole file. Now, if you hit Ctrl-W right after issuing a forward or backward search, less(1) toggles search wrap-around.

There is no option to turn this behaviour on automatically. However, it is possible to override the / and ? bindings using lesskey(1). Put the following in ~/.lesskey, run lesskey (not needed on versions past 590), and less(1) should now wrap the search automatically:

/ forw-search ^W
? back-search ^W